About Linda Goodman Art Classes

About: Linda Goodman- Art Teacher & Coach

Linda is an Art teacher and coach who learned that her joy comes from Art and the peace, calm and grounding it brings her. Feeling fear, doubts and insecurities about herself as a child she learned to find comfort and peace through art. She now gets to use that experience to help children, adults and companies find their joy in the same way. Linda has a huge interest in people, connection, community and how we can all help each other. 

Linda has observed how parents and their children are under enormous pressure today managing day to day life. Parents are now managing jobs, home schooling and so much more. With less and less quality time for their kids let alone themselves.

Linda’s approach gives a safe space for children or adults to be heard, supported and nurtured. Each individual develops their own individual art spark resulting in less time spent on screens. Everyone gets to be part of a fun community where they learn how to draw, paint, collage & sculpture in their own individual way.

Through this experience people let go of fears, doubts and insecurities they may have been holding. They are happier and healthier within themselves as a result.

Relevant Corporate or other Experience

Linda has 10+ years in corporate environments from large global companies to SME’s both in Ireland and abroad. She has worked in the Technology, Fashion & Design sectors. Linda has held multiple roles at different levels within these organisations. She spent 4 years working in Canada where she hired talent for global multinational technology companies. She successfully matched people and companies based on the best fit for everyone’s needs.

Having worked with all kinds of people, at all levels, in multiple companies she has gained a deep knowledge of the challenges the corporate world brings.

She now uses this experience to help both kids, adults and companies to have more balance and joy every day through art.

Qualifications/ Accreditations

  • Kingstown College, 2018, Advanced Diploma in Personal, Leadership & Executive Coaching, Dublin, Ireland.
  • UCD, 2017, Post Graduate in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Innovation Academy UCD Grade(NFQ Lev 9), Dublin, Ireland.
  • National College of Art & Design(NCAD), 2007, BA in Printed Textiles, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Wesley College Secondary School, 2003, Dublin, Ireland.


About Individual Art class/ Art classes

Linda Goodman Art Classes guide individuals in groups to develop their individual art spark in the way they choose to explore it. With an emphasis on owning and taking responsibility for their own individual art journey with the support of a team.

Learn how to draw, paint, sculpture or collage in a relaxed calm and encouraging environment. One to one guidance as needed.  Come with an openness to explore something new or revisit a hobby you once had. 

All levels welcome with an emphasis on community, developing your individual art spark, teamwork, friendships and having fun.

Class/ Classes Content

A theme is selected based on nature and the age and needs of the group (i.e., Nature, sea, forests, outdoors, seasonal, fantasy etc)

A skill/skills are selected to focus on and develop during the class/classes (i.e., drawing, painting, collage, sculpture/3D)

Each class contains

  1. Warm up exercise – Positive exercise to get class energised, engaged & warmed up
  1. Team focus - Activity where we focus on learning or developing a new skill together as a team.
  1. Individual focus - For the remainder of class if time allows each person learns how to further develop their own art spark using this new skill with access to 121 guidance as needed.
  1. Wrap up - Each person gets a chance to be heard. They do this by communicating 1 creative thing they will practice or continue to develop their individual art spark.

Together the class gains confidence and appreciation for their own individual ability. Courage to try even when scared or feel they can’t do it. Resilience to never give up on themselves and a community and friendships that last.

What participants gain

  • Skills in drawing, painting, collage & sculpture.
  • Awareness of their own individual art spark.
  • Time for themselves
  • Joy, peace & calm
  • Happiness within themselves.
  • Confidence, Community & Friendships
  • Peace of mind knowing their being nurtured & cared for in a safe space.
  • Gratitude knowing, they have a healthy way to release any fear doubts and insecurities by expressing themselves through art.
  • Less time on screens
  • More Balance, Support, Nourishment & Love.
  • Lots of Fun!

 What participants say

Adults say:

"10/10 I highly recommend Linda's art classes, her positive attitude and lovely outlook is contagious spreading lovely, good moods.

Thanks Linda"

"My son loved the classes. There was great variety and plenty of demonstrations and instructions. It's very difficult to keep children engage in zoom classes and I think Linda did a fantastic job".

"I thought it was absolutely perfect for my daughter - it explored her artistic skills in a relaxed environment and even introduced her to collage which she has done very little of!".

Since our first workshop/class with Linda my daughter has reconnected with art in a very real and personal way. The supportive environment gave her the confidence to express herself and loves the atmosphere in the classes. Linda is a very positive and nurturing teacher who has put us back in touch with that spark of creativity that had been missing without us even realising it was gone!” 

“I would highly recommend Linda's art classes as she really brings out the best in the young artists. Learning new skills and techniques but also receiving praise and encouragement for their effort. Her online class was a real boost for my daughter's self-esteem each week and that is priceless!!”

“Linda's art classes and camps are wonderful for children and I would highly recommend them. Linda is such a positive and inspiring influence on the children in the camps, and they are a lovely inclusive and caring environment particularly during these tough lockdown times.”

“You are such a cheerleader for these young creative kids... Your words of encouragement are so valuable in a time when emotions and worries can run high”

“The class was a wonderful opportunity for interaction for my child during lockdown, it also pushed him out of his comfort zone with regard to the materials he used and made him try new things. He looked forward to it every week and it was a very positive experience for him.”

“you have a way with the kids that encourages without putting them under pressure. For us it allowed the spark to catch fire and brought us places we had never imagined before!”

Kids say:

“It makes me feel better about myself because of everyone’s love+ support”

“It’s amazing and it really helps, I would recommend”

“I had sooooooooooo much fun”


This camp really helps my confidence and  makes me feel like a team. Also, my art has improved tremendously since I joined"