Kids Zoom Easter Art Camps

Kids Zoom Easter Art Camps

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Does your child/teenager enjoy art but lacks confidence in trying it? Or does your child/teenager want to continue doing what they love?

Exciting new art camp running over the Easter break online.

Camp 1: 30th-2nd April 2021
Camp 2: 6th-9th April 2021

Time: 930-11.30am Tuesday-Friday with afternoon activities included to keep your kids entertained this Easter:)

Age: 7-14 year olds.


Run by Linda Goodman, a highly qualified & fun graduate of NCAD.

Avoid disappointment. This camp books up fast!

Supplies List: (Just bring what you can and we will make it work together ;))

-Paper- A4 white paper x 10 sheets

-A4 Coloured paper x 10 sheets

-Recycled paper collected around home for quick sketches & collage.




-Pva glue & something to hold glue in.


-Colouring Pencils or watercolour pencils

-Watercolour crayons or pastels 

-Paint- acrylic, watercolour or poster paint

-Paint brushes - mix of sizes

-Paint palette: plastic Tupperware lids for mixing

-Quick dry Clay,  Malla or playdoh

-Gather & collect things from around home & in nature that you can use to collage and create with.( feathers, cotton wool, ear buds, toilet rolls, goggly eyes, buttons, twigs, leaves- the more creative the better) - These are not needed for the first day.

-Water & container

Let's get creative and use what we have around the home:) Just do your best to bring what you can. If you cant get everything on the list- IT's OK :)

Printing for class

-You will be asked to print a few things for the class and these will be emailed when booking confirmed.

Class set up- you will need:

-Computer/iPad to view class

-quiet space

-table & chair

Zoom link:

This will be sent prior to the class

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